A slow fashion research, redefining sustainable design space by exploring low impact materials to  zero waste, focusing on clean water initiatives.


Ethical & Sustainable Process

We value the beauty that surrounds us, whether man-made or naturally formed and believe in the preservation of our resources for future generations. We want to provide inspiration and lead by example through our design and process transparency – sharing what we do and how we do it. Our hopes is to educate the people around us in making better and more informed decisions when it comes to what they buy and wear. 


“water is life, and clean water means health. ”

— Audrey hepburn


Throughout our creative process, we follow principles that respect the environment and extend the life of existing materials and resources. According to The Business of Fashion website, fashion and textiles is one of the most polluting industries in the world, only second to the oil industry.

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About Us

We started out with an intent to design a sustainable fashion line but have shifted focus our efforts into further research into the sustainable market space. Our mission remains the same but our ideas are evolving.

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