To create products using scientific and real world examples showing the healing cycle within the natural world.

project Name

Muse bags




New York City


Muse bags celebrates NYC and the people who champion the environment and social justices. Emma Watson is our inspiration and her kindness and love of preserving nature is prevalent in her everyday life.

In 2016, one billion oysters were put into the Hudson harbor as an effort to clean up NY water. Mollusks such as clams, mussels, oysters are earth’s natural water filtration system, we are paying homage to these beautiful sea creatures by borrowing from their shapes and essence.


The Muse bags bring back memories of New York summer excursions to the Hamptons, Fire Island, Atlantic city and Fort Tilden beach. Remembering the bon fires, clam digs.

Proceeds will be donated to aid scientific research on water filtrations and clean up as well as programs that provides clean drinking water to global communities without access.


Next steps:



Continue to develop more innovative bag design styles. 



Explore on demand 3D printing and recycled plastic materials



Work on providing partnerships with water charities.