This is Sayaka Ganz: Transforming Everyday Plastic into Magical Creatures.

Using reclaimed plastic household objects as her materials, Ganz' recent sculptures depict animals in motion. Ganz collects most of her working material from dustbins and charity shops, and the rest is donated by friends and family. 

Art Show: Metamorphosis – Sayaka Ganz and Aurora Robson, January 20 ~ May 13, 2018,
— Omaha, NE —

Plastic is a common commodity that’s present in most households around the world; it’s a malleable product that can be used in various ways, plastic art displays being one of them.

Artist Sayaka Ganz breathes new life into plastic utensils by transforming them into catalepsy of rampaging animals. Ganz’s spell-binding plastic animals almost appear like they’re about to run right past you. The sculptures’ designs gives the appearance of heavy, painted brush strokes that were canvassed out of liquid plastics. The sculptures have an otherworldly feel.

Ganz uses common household plastic products that can be found in any household kitchen, but what she produces out of those plastic spoons and things is something the average kitchen cook could never accomplish.

Website: Sayaka Ganz  

Sayaka Ganz – Reclaimed Creations Traveling Exhibition, January 10 ~ April 30, 2018,
— St. George, Utah —
I am a Japanese artist specializing in the use of reclaimed household objects as art materials. I’m from Japan originally, I grew up living in Brazil and Hong Kong as well as Japan, and now I live in the United States. I still think of myself as Japanese.