This is Andy Hughes: Photographic Work Exploring the Politics of Waste.

In 2013 he travelled to Alaska, invited as part of an international team of artists and scientists to work on the project GYRE: The Plastic Ocean. The Anchorage Museum and Alaska SeaLife Center partnered to take an international team of artists, scientists and educators to the Alaska coastline to observe, document and collect marine debris. 

RAW TRUTH: PLASTIC – A Journey from Source to Solution. An exhibition highlighting the ubiquity of plastic in the modern world, and the immense pollution it causes all over the world

He was recently invited to Alaska as one of three international artists and seven scientists to work on the project ‘Gyre: The Plastic Ocean’. ‘Gyre’ was a world first and unique project that explored the integration of science and art to document and interpret the issue of plastic pollution in the marine and coastal environment. Andy Hughes, Mark Dion and Pam Longobardi worked in conjunction with scientists from NOAA, including author and ecologist Carl Safina. A National Geographic film, exhibition and book was supported by the NOAA, Smithsonian Institution, Rasmusson Foundation and Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and others. A new monograph of Hughes’ photographs will be published in 2019 along with critical material by a leading academic. Hughes believes artists can leverage change through their practice by exploring the effects of climate change, human activity and other processes of change.


Plastic waste is a familiar sight at music festivals (Image: Andy Hughes MA RCA)

Plastic waste is a familiar sight at music festivals (Image: Andy Hughes MA RCA)