This is Henry Baumann: Exploring Patterns of Consumption and How Humans Deal with Waste

In his projects, Baumann reflects upon our patterns of consumption and the way we deal with waste. These ideas come from his fascination with nature, the way we interact with our world and with each other. Baumann believes that our human relationship, just like our attitude towards waste, should be sustainable. 

2015 Recycling Design Award 2015
— MARTa Herford, Herford, Germany —

Giving new life to materials that others have discarded, designer henry baumann has transformed wooden cable drums, commonly found on building sites into the ‘one cut’ spiral. the sculptural installation is formed using only slice through the original material, ensuring that there are no unwanted leftovers. the project is based on the concept of creating something new without acquiring any additional waste, or needing many alterations or additions done to it. the re-appropriated drums were too big and heavy for one person to handle, they needed to be cut in order to be made manageable. by incorporating the wooden round plates with a spiral cut, baumann was able to make a new formation, yet still respect the integrity of the original object. the only element added to the original material to hold it altogether was a little bit of glue.


Henry Baumann transforms wooden drums into one cut spiral
image © kristof vrancken
all images courtesy of henry baumann


Eindex names 2012  130 aardbei kratjes   final project "130 strawberry boxes"

Eindex names 2012

130 aardbei kratjes

final project "130 strawberry boxes"