This is Steve McPherson: A Collection of Found Objects.

Steve McPherson is an artist and lecturer whose practice includes installation, sculpture, objects, book works, collections, assemblage, collage, experimental drawing, photography, video and sound.

McPherson asks questions and explores concepts surrounding systems of knowledge & information, and at the same time challenges his own and others models of belief. He asks us to question what we perceive, what we can know and what exists in actuality, and therefore, if these notions exist at all outside of a theoretical context. In practice this is executed with a search for understanding via maps, mapping, collecting collating and documenting. 

His work consists of found plastic objects and are often arranged in a highly visual and graphical esthetic.


This obsessive nature combined with a love of the book format, has resulted in an array of artworks that fall into many categories, and have aesthetics born sometimes from museology, sometimes from the laboratory or library and from ambiguous elsewhere’s. His love of objects and materials is grounded in their alchemical charm, and their banality is valued and challenged as much as their meaning.

Steve McPherson's Full Bio


marine plastic

Steve has been collecting objects from beaches of the North Kent Coast of the UK for over 20 years. Wave worn, sun bleached and scarred with unknown histories, these finds are collected and collated by type or colour. Colour blindness causes Steve to mix and mis-match the object colour incorrectly.



In recent years Steve has worked with British Council in Cairo, and won a Sculpture residency for the International Marine Environment Art Project at The National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, Taiwan. He has collaborated artistically to promote the work of a range of marine conservation groups including the Marine Conservation Society (UK), Surfers Against Sewage (UK) and Algalita Marine Research Foundation (USA).

He exhibits a diverse range of artworks in an equally diverse range of exhibitions. Including; Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, France, 'Gyre - The Plastic Ocean' Touring exhibition USA, ‘b-side festival’, Cultural Olympiad of 2012, and shows in independent galleries in Berlin and Turin, Switzerland, Finland, France and Italy and the USA.

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