New York, I love you! 10 Eco-Friendly and Upcycle Brands are Raising Awareness and Helping to Reduce Carbon Emissions.

FOR DECADES, BIG OIL RAVAGED OUR ENVIRONMENT, with recent extreme storms devastating coastal regions from east to west coasts.  GET TO KNOW the NYC BRANDS and stores helping to FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE.



Reformation always thinks about all the costs of creating fashion—not just the price tag. RefScale helps track environmental footprint by adding up the pounds of carbon dioxide emitted and gallons of water used, and pounds of waste generated. Available in NYC and LA.



They resurrect the best in unworn vintage apparel and accessories from the 80s, 90s + 00s. Seeking to reinform what it means to be fashion forward in the modern age without contributing to the colossal mountain of waste involved in the production of new fast-fashion. Extending the life of these clothes has proved that a garment can have a miraculous transformation with a subtle shift in perception. They are American Deadstock.


Fanmail is a line of sustainable men’s wardrobe essentials made in New York City. At the core of the brand is a commitment to organic, plant-based textiles and transparent production – from fiber to finished garment. Fanmail's aesthetic is marked by a warm minimalism – clothes with modern cuts and luxurious fabrics, versatile enough to fit into an everyday wardrobe, and durable enough to actually be worn everyday. 


NOORISM is an upcycle brand focused on taking apart old jeans and using the pieces to create new items of clothing and accessories. NOORISM clothing and accessories are all unique and slightly different since each old pair of jeans has its own individual story to tell.

Since the Fashion industry is the second largest consumer and polluter of water, NOORISM donates $5 to CHARITY: WATER for every item purchased.


Kordal ethically creates garments by paying workers a fair wage, designing garments that are not trend focused, and using natural and organic textiles. Experienced knitters in both Lima Peru & NYC make their knitwear. Garments are created using both handloom and Shima Seki whole garment knitting machines. Both processes produce a fully fashioned product, meaning each piece is knit to the exact shape, and there are no extra materials. All cut & sew wovens are produced in NYC and dyed at a local dye house in New Jersey.


NYC headquarters, where they work to underpin the design process behind each collection but also seek the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility

Coclico partners with Native Energy to track its annual in-house carbon usage and offsets this amount by investing in international renewable energy projects. Coclico was recognized for its dedication to sustainable fashion as the winner of the 2013 SOURCE AWARD in the footwear category. Retail location: 275 Mott Street New York, NY 10012


NYC headquarters, where they work to underpin the design process behind each collection but also seek the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility. 

They strive for a great work environment, anti-child labor, and fair wage. To ensure all factories meet these criteria, their correspondents visit them quarterly to inspect the conditions and aim to create a different kind luxury.


To provide consumers with fashion-forward clothing and accessory options that meet the following criteria: local production, organic textiles, reclaimed materials, Fairtradezero waste.

382 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217 Tel. 718.858.4737 and 512 Main St Beacon, NY 12508 Tel. 845.202.7787


Their products are thoughtfully designed to be used over and over, for every moment and milestone so that you can live with the exceptional every day. They work with the best European and American factories using innovative technologies and the highest-grade materials in the world. By partnering directly with the best factories and selling directly to you, they offer exceptional products at a lower cost than other premium retailers.


They are a bespoke dyeing service based in NYC and transform clothing by making it black. Give new life to the never worn, once worn and overworn. The stained t-shirt, the faded denim, the print that was too bold, the color that wasn’t your color. Create something new. Reinvent your deadstock. Reclaim your wardrobe. Make it black.