London Calling for Sustainable Brands and Eco-Friendly Shops

 GET TO KNOW THESE London Brands and Stores FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE and fair trade and wages for all.


Vin + Omi

VIN + OMI  are award winning fashion and multi media designers who work internationally in  film, television, music and one-off creations. They produce two fashion collections each year and have developed a range of unique to market textiles focussing on sustainable, eco-processes.

Their  work includes the development of a range of rPET textiles made from salvaged plastic from community clean up projects worldwide. Work in development includes pioneering textiles made from UK organic sources.



RIYKA (b.2011, London) is the creation of Rebecca & Vedran husband and wife. Inspired by the cultural variety and ethnic diversity of East London. Each RIYKA collection is a focused edit of easy basics including slouchy jumpers, over sized dresses boyfriend shirts and tees which all carry the brands signature geometric paneling and vibrant pops of color.


They  source fabrics that have minimal impact on the environment or the people making them, they always ask suppliers how and where the materials are made and use- end of roll, GOTS certified organic, fair-trade, British made or reclaimed.


They have a 'slow' approach to fashion, their collections are small and pieces are timeless, of high quality and aimed to last a very long time.


All studio waste is recycled, and fabric waste is sent to be up-cycled with different charities twice a year to avoid landfill.

69 Boutique

Situated amongst the bustle of Broadway market, in the heart of Hackney, 69b Boutique offers a tightly edited selection of directional womenswear, emerging sustainable designers and accessories.  A must visit to see how ‘green’ fashion has come since the days of sludgy hemp and hessian.

When you shop at 69b you can be certain that your purchase has been made in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

They have a strict policy on transparency and accountability that all of our brands must adhere to.

69b Broadway Market
 London E8 4PH

+44 (0)20 7249 9655


Brothers we stand

Brothers We Stand was set up in solidarity with the men and women who make our clothes. Their vision is to support you to build a wardrobe of stylish and sustainably made menswear.

They carry out rigorous research and every product in their collection meets the following three standards:

Ethical production - Manufacture respects both people and planet. Read more about the BWS Standard here.

Designed to please - Products look good and perform the jobs they were created to do.  

Created to last - Clothes are made to be enjoyed for many years.

They believe in celebrating the positive aspects of production without greenwashing, and so each item on the site has a footprint tab detailing its social and environmental impact. They list the use of pioneering ethical practices as well as the aspects of manufacture that could be further improved. In doing so, they aim to provide you with a transparent window onto the supply chain of the products you buy.




People tREE

People Tree purchases the majority of its Fair Trade products from marginalized producer groups in the developing world. 
They also guarantee most of our purchasing is committed to the World Fair Trade Organization and Fair Trade standards with a priority to support producer partners’ efforts towards economic independence and control over their local environment and community.

What does it means to be certified?

People Tree is proud to work with certified producers and their supply chains from the raw material to the finished fabric and garment. To be certified means that our textile products have been produced in factories adhering to strict environmental and social standards. Certification organizations are responsible for ensuring that these standards are followed and respected. If a brand or producer is certified, it ensures that they are environmentally friendly and social responsible.  

The THird Estate

The Third Estate is an independent bricks and mortar shop established in 2005 in Leeds by James and Angie. 

Their aim is to sell well-made good-looking products which are free from any animal ingredients and which meet high social, labour and environmental standards. They keep a balance between working with innovative ethically-minded brands which are manufactured under fair labour conditions overseas whilst also supporting UK design and production. Consumption is an inevitable part of living and their focus is to support informed and positive shopping as well as positive living in general.



Over the past three decades, Rokit has recycled over a million tonnes of discarded clothing and accessories to become the highly regarded regular haunt for style savvy Londoners with a worldwide online audience.

Rokit burst onto the scene with a stall in London's iconic Camden Market in 1986 specialising in vintage denim thrifted from American cowboys. The demand was so fierce that within a few weeks the stall was exchanged for a two storey shop on the high street and the Rokit vintage brand was born. Three further stores have been opened in Brick Lane and Covent Garden, each bringing Rokit's diverse and unique product range to a loyal band of regular customers, celebrities and tourists alike.


    Yo Yo Limited

    YOJO is an independent design studio, hence, contemporary fashion label conceived in London and sustainably handmade in Italy. Through founder and designer Joe Sorrentino’s interest in art, designs, photography and cultural diversity, YOJO employs an unconventional and multidisciplinary approach to create elegant and iconic fashion accessories for men and women.

    The YOJO hallmark is defined by the experimental use of ceramics - a completely eco-friendly material that for millennia has drawn the attention of designers and creatives alike across a wide variety of industries, but fashion.





    The Acey

    The Acey is a virtual place for real women to discover and purchase contemporary clothing, consciously created. They work with brands that embody two simple qualities: integrity and innovation. Here is how they define them: Innovation Brands that strive for ingenuity both in terms of fashion and ethical business practice.Integrity Brands that are conscious of their outlay on the environment throughout the production chain. Companies that care about the people behind their products, insisting on fair labour practices and encouraging social entrepreneurship.

    HUXLEY TOTE  Our easy going tote, made from reclaimed french linen. It features a vegetable tanned leather shoulder strap.


    Our easy going tote, made from reclaimed french linen. It features a vegetable tanned leather shoulder strap.

    Lost Property of london

    " As textile and product designers, we have always been fascinated by the relationship between form and function. Together with our love for salvaging vintage items and surplus fabrics, we set about designing and making bags that were antidotes to the throwaway, fast-fashion culture. For those who prefer to buy less, but choose well. For those who seek luxury in the sustainable, long-lasting and handmade. So from the first ever tote bags and holdalls we crafted from salvaged jute coffee sacks and sailcloth, our core values continue to guide us as we vision, design and craft from our North London studio and workshop. Today, our house style has evolved to blend the robustness and timelessness of traditional English saddlery with a modern minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic. When it comes to brand detailing, we favour the understated. It also explains our devotion to natural materials for their character and non-polluting effects; from surplus organic cottons, linens and wools to vegetable tanned leather, we take great care in sourcing the best material from local artisans and suppliers around the UK and Europe. When you get up close to a Lost Property of London bag, it is our hope that you see and feel the maker in its craft. Because every bag is cut, skived, riveted, sewn, edge-dyed, buffed, checked and finished by the skilled hands of the craftsmen and women who make it. "

    Katy Bell & John Maskell | The Founders

    Katie Jones Knits

    The brand has always focused on sustainable practice embracing Katie’s Granny's vision of making something beautiful from nothing and consciously addressing issues of over-consumerism. It creates wearable, artisanal collections that are big on colour and texture. But more than just creating beautiful garments, the brand creates playful experiences that encourage and champion social and environmental change. By running and participating in a wide range of workshops and events Katie wants people to interact and engage with the brand, sharing her skills and knowledge on textile crafts and sustainable Fashion. Along with a range of pieces that will have patterns available in the New Year, Katie is expanding her range of workshops as launching The Great Make Escape. The Great Make Escape is a residential weekend retreat run by Katie and her Mum Annie.