Sustainable LA: 10 Eco-Friendly Brands and Shops doing their part in Reducing Carbon Emissions

 fossil fuel emissions have contributed to natural disasters and "abnormally intense weather patterns" that are proving costly for taxpayers. GET TO KNOW THESE L.A. BRANDS FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE.


Fair cloth supply

Founded in 2013 by Phoebe Dahl, Faircloth + Supply transcends the boundaries of a traditional brand. We design timeless collections that we hope in turn will forge a path towards women’s empowerment worldwide. After studying fashion design in San Francisco and London, Dahl envisioned a line of effortless linen casual wear, sustainable yet classic, inspired by heritage textiles and utilitarian work wear. 

Featured shirt: MEXICO EARTHQUAKE RELIEF TEE  $48.00 

This fundraiser is for the Mexico Earthquake. 100% of the proceeds will go towards earthquake relief. 


The Burning torch

For Burning Torch Up-Cycling Is Not Just A Trend, It's Our Foundation.

At Burning Torch, authentic beauty speaks with a singular voice. With a creative approach that honors the unique, unique and classic, Burning Torch recycles vintage elements, transforming the ordinary into fabulously upcycled garments and accessories.

With the craft and detail that set this design studio apart, upcycled materials shapeshift into unexpected outcomes, playful forms, and sensuous pairings. Vintage jewelry, carefully re-imagined cashmere sweaters and time softened fatigues all meld organically with grace, ease, and sophistication. Timeless yet fresh, upcycling is signature Burning Torch.


Ali Golden

What started as a one-woman operation entirely designed, produced and sold in Oakland, CA has become a brand with global reach. While still created in Oakland, our production now spans California, a woman-owned knitwear co-op in Peru, and small, fair-trade certified factory in India. With growth, the line insists on maintaining the highest possible standards of ethics and sustainability, even at the cost of extreme selectivity of potential partnerships. The collection, featured in many lovely shops, is accessible and adaptable; and is the embodiment of the modern women's uniform.

Featured in photos:

Clafin, Thayer & Co, leather lip bag, Mr Larkin shirtMANGO + RED CURRENT GLYCERIN SOAP


Vintage bleach

Vintage Bleach is a search of rare items revamped with a modern edge; containing damaged and destroyed creations. Everything is uniquely crafted making every piece one of one. 



RE/DONE is not a denim company. RE/DONE is the first luxury label that was born online and grown as an e-commerce brand, founded by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur. But more than that, RE/DONE is a movement - a movement to restore individuality to the luxury fashion space, a campaign to keep heritage brands relevant, and a movement to create sustainable fashion.

Vintage Levi’s denim carries, within its stitching, stories of years of wear - a history of a past life. A record of its travels shown in the frayed pockets, the whiskered coloring, the torn knees, and the faded denim. These pre-loved jeans have circulated owners and changed hands over the past few decades, transforming them and giving them a life of their own. Like a fine wine, Levi’s denim only gets better with age.


Introducing our Levi's Reworked by Beru to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Levi's Trucker Jacket! Each jacket is one of a kind and features screen printing, embroidery, and comes with three patches. Some jackets already have some spots on them. The number of additional pieces you can get are listed in bold below. 

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    Brings you beautiful, boho chic, eco-friendly jewelry, accessories and bohemian fashion handmade by indigenous Amazon artisans. Together, we develop designer collections made with rainforest materials and provide an authentic source for a sustainable economy.

    It all started with a desire to blend fashion, culture and a love for a healthy planet. Fashion designer Violeta Villacorta, founder of ORG by vio, wanted to bring focus to the Amazon rainforest for its richness in sustainable resources and biodiversity. As well as for the ancient artistic traditions of the communities that have inhabited it for centuries.


    Buck Mason

    Erik Schnakenberg and Sasha Koehn founded Buck Mason with the ideals of American-made quality at its heart. The source of their selvage denim is from mills in North Carolina, and their style ignores fashion trends while doubling down on timeless design and durability. What we love about Buck Mason’s plans is the simplicity. They make their denim on a shuttle loom which gives the denim weight and strength that sets it apart. The raw materials are created and produced locally in LA where they finish their garments. Buck Mason’s quality sourcing and manufacturing are all standouts and for that, they get our vote as one of the best American-made denim choices on the market.

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