This is AGLanta: Your Digital Urban Argriculture Food Hub

from the City of Atlanta’s collective One Atlanta Office that includes Resilience and Sustainability. serves as a portal that offers educational programs + Resources, and urban farming space for the community to become sustainable. #AGLANTA


Urban Initiatives


The Urban Food Forest
at Browns Mill

In the fall of  2016, The Conservation Fund  acquired 7.1 acres of land on Browns Mill Road in southeast Atlanta.  This site became Atlanta's first Community Urban Food Forest, as well as a new model for a City of Atlanta park. The food forest produces a wide variety of fresh, flavorful, and healthy nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms. 

Located in an area identified as a food desert, the site was a working farm as recently as 2000. Neighbors still talk about the land’s former owners, Ruby and Willie Morgan, who left excess produce from their farm on fence posts for neighbors to claim and enjoy.  The City of Atlanta’s Office of Resilience and community partners are engaging  in community need-finding, brainstorming, and design exercises that will help determine the eventual output of food. This is  summary of the 12-month Community Vision Plan Process.  



AgLanta -

“ Grows-A-Lot”INitiative

is a City of Atlanta program that invites entrepreneurs, non-profits, and residents to apply for a 5-year renewable license to adopt a vacant, city-owned property to start a new urban garden or urban farm in AgLanta.

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AGLANTA Conference 2019

April 14th and 15th 2019


a day of Tours throughout the City of Atlanta and a day of Panels & Workshops at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot!

This year’s theme will spotlight Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Attendees will hone in on three crucial stages of development for any endeavor - Create | Pilot | Grow - by participating in tours, networking, speaker sessions, creative workshops, and (of course) locally-sourced meals.


Panels includes: CLOSING THE LOOP | Circular Economy Applications for the Urban Food System

Is urban agriculture strictly limited to the production of food within city limits? They will challenge that assumption on this panel with emerging leaders building more efficient channels for upcycling surplus resources, feeding those who need it most, and rethinking the idea of “waste.”