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You lived in NYC for 10 years and now you're in la, any difference in how green these cities are?

In NYC, I've had friends living in buildings that didn't even recycle and it shocked me that in this day and age, buildings wouldn't even try to do something about that. In LA, I'm surprised at how little people walk and bike. I knew it was a city mostly dependent on cars, but even in a neighborhood like West Hollywood, I found myself to be the only person walking on the street sometimes. That being said, I now live by the beach and there are a lot more pedestrians and cyclists and the streets accommodate for that with more bike lanes.



I've always been thrifty and since I can remember, I've had no problem picking things off of the street but it was always on my way home or when people would leave a box of things in the lobby. I didn't actually get the idea to walk around and look through dumpsters until recently. I got sucked into a dumpster diving YouTube video vortex. The videos started out with people diving in dumpsters from Walmart to Ulta and I couldn't believe the things these companies threw away on a daily basis. Then I came across a YouTuber named, Mom The Ebayer, where she would dumpster dive and actually make good money from it. She not only collected things to sell on eBay or to keep, she would donate a lot of the things she found too. I was surprised at what people threw away without even thinking about how someone could benefit from it. So when I came across a huge pile of stuff a neighbor was throwing out, I decided to really go deep and to see what I could find. It's definitely weird at first because you are looking through another person's garbage. You don't know the cleanliness of things or the looks from people passing by. But after I started to find things that I could use, that feeling went away. I ended up finding a laptop, camping backpack with a lifetime guarantee, luggage, some beach chairs and even gift cards totaling $300+. To say the least, I was pleasantly surprised at my first haul and I'm happy that these items aren't going to the landfill. I don't know if I will be actively dumpster diving for supplemental income, but I won't think twice about looking through another person's garbage if it looks promising.


What I found so far:

left to right: a $200  Osprey  Backpack broken but has a lifetime warrenty, a box of marble tiles, and antique suitcase with laptop and other items. The suitcase is perfect for  upcycled side table .

left to right: a $200 Osprey Backpack broken but has a lifetime warrenty, a box of marble tiles, and antique suitcase with laptop and other items. The suitcase is perfect for upcycled side table.


What were the treasures you found? and how did you feel when you found things you could use?

I will say that I think that visualizing the things you want is a powerful thing. I was watching her videos a lot and picturing what I could find in my neighborhood and the things I needed, and I really did come across these things I thought about. For example, I just recently moved closer to the beach and thought that I needed beach chairs and suddenly they popped up. I had watched her check the balance on gift cards with success and I happened to find a wallet full of them. It's weird to think, but I believe I manifested these things into my life.


Would you recommend it or do it again?


Source Unknown - DIY  Upcycle idea


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Wise words:

The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.
— Julia Child —
Source Unknown - DIY  Upcycle idea