This is: Edvin

Living in: Dayton

i like to raise awareness about environmental issues, if i happen to help someone into embracing a more sustainable lifestyle then that would be a great day. 

Rachel Comey  - Brand  Composite Top

Why did you become so interested in environmenal issues?

In 2016, my bf's dog gave birth to a litter of (5) puppies and I ended up being the main caretaker during their 6-9 weeks. My apt was very chaotic and I ended trashing so many puppy pads and things that got tore up. At the time, I was also making and sewing bags. I started to realize the amount of daily trash I had and since then I have been manually sorting out fabric scraps, paper from each making session and saving them for upcycling projects.  2018 marks a new journey for me to fully embrace zero waste living on a personal level.

Source Unknown - DIY  Upcycle idea


Accidental Dog Breeder and curious by nature

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Wise words:

I refuse to do things that I don’t want to. I do what I want. I am free
— azzedine alaia —
Source Unknown - DIY  Upcycle idea