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Each year, the US produce over 16 million tons of textile waste and Countries that bought our textile waste are no longer accepting them. leaving unwanted textiles going to landfills. decomposing textile waste release methane, a harmful greenhouse gas, Helping to accelerate the effects of climate change.

HOw do we stop this growing problem?


These curated bag kits are packaged with discarded wool upholstery textiles, with a variety of colors and patterns but limited in quantities. Each kit are made of a unique combination paired wtih sturdy handles.

Make the world a cleaner place. Reducing textile waste by learning how to care, mend and repair properly. Or get inspired by some of the worlds most creative upcycle fashion Designers from our lifestyle feature.


Reducing single use plastic bags

Humans consumes nearly 160,000 plastic bags per second and about 10% of those bags end up in the ocean! (1) Soft plastic materials such as bags cannot be recycled along side curbside recycled materials. Although some supermarket chains do offer ways to recycle plastic bags, and lots of interesting ways to reuse or upcycle plastic bags, we must rethink our life choices to help reduce waste. The ocean plastic affects and kills marine life. It takes plastic 500 years to decompose, they do however breaks down into little plastic particles known as micro-plastics. There is evidence that these micro-plastics have entered our food sources. They can be found in our water, and our food supply.

We want to raise awareness to the growing textile and plastic waste problems and to be a beacon of inspiration for the maker community everywhere.


Created in association with:

Dayton Sewing Collaborative

DSC is a non-profit job training facility and collaborative space with expertise in prototyping and small-run productions. With a mission to the combat textile wastes DSC upcycles textile waste into usable products.



Upcycled Products:

Upcycling is a method of developing new products using existing and preloved materials. Old clothing, textiles or vinyl banners are only a few examples of what creativity and passion can do.


Comes with precut woold squares, with finished seams. The materials are soft and very sturdy, perfect for making bags. You can download the instructions here and purchase the kits when they are available. You can also follow our instructions to create your own reusable totes.

Bag Making Kits will be available online soon.


What you need to start?

Sewing machine (home or industrial machine), Neutral color thread (range light grey to black), seam ripper (in case you make a mistake), heavy duty sewing needle might be required when attaching handles with bag body.

Feeling Creative?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to being creative. We encourage you to remix the tote kit to come up with your own style but ask that you respect the environment by not creating excess waste.